we use premium top grain calf leather to construct our products. the best way to care for the top grain leather and your product is simply to use it, but always do so with proper care. top grain calf leather is a sturdy and hard-wearing natural material that can last for many years but it does have limits. therefore avoid extreme temperatures, overly harsh usage and direct contact with grease, oil or dirt.

we recommend treating the top grain leather surfaces with neutral leather care products that do not stain or dye the leather, when necessary. feel free to apply a light coat of leather conditioner evenly on the surface, leather conditioners provides moisture which keeps the leather supple and ensure that it does not dry out, fade or crack. please do not apply direct heat to the leather.

top grain leather ages with time and usage to develop a patina that is unique to its journey. the leather's finishing may mature and the leather itself will soften over time, these are completely natural signs of the leather ageing - that is what makes the leather so distinctive and sought after.


the majority of our products' inner lining are made of high-density waterproof polyester (230T) fabric, the fabrics used are carefully selected for their high technical capabilities and tactile flexibility. our fabrics feature a water-repellent coating that makes the material resistant to water, however this does not make it completely waterproof. dust or dirt can be removed by simply wiping gently using a damp cloth or soft bristle brush. for stubborn stains, you may use a mild and neutral soap with cold water to spot clean the affected area. please do not dry clean or machine wash your products. likewise, please do not apply direct heat to the fabric.


the metallic components of our products are made of hand-polished stainless nickel alloy which possesses high toughness and hardness to ensure that it does not fail under stress or sustain scratches easily. for stains, please spot clean using cold water and a cloth or brush.